Intellectual Property

Protection of Intellectual Property

Sharjah Ports, Customs Free Zones Authority aims at safeguarding the principles of Intellectual Property of producers and innovators in the different fields of industrial, commercial and literature. To that end it has launched Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Section upon directions of the chairman of the department who issued Administrative Order No 39 for the year 2007 which commenced from 29/9/2007.

Intellectual Property has developed to be prominent in the commercial, economical and cultural fields which will provide legal protection for individuals and the community. It also boosts competition and innovation in a sound atmosphere and conserves the right of inventors and in the mean time aims at safeguarding consumers from faked products.

The section is involved with all measures of protection of Intellectual Property Rights by applying local, regional and International obligations and recommendation related to trade marks, commercial brands, patents, author rights and others. Raising the public awareness on IPR concepts and hazards of the counterfeits on the community and consumers are another task of the section. It is organizing a number of symposiums and workshops targeting school students and youths to promote IPR on the broadest segment of the community. Besides, the IP section is furnishing training courses for Customs Inspectors throughout the year in order to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to differentiate between original and fake goods and original and duplicate trademark.

The mission of the IP section is:

  • Enhancing public awareness in protecting Intellectual Property Rights. (Patents, Trade Marks and Industrial Designs and Patterns)
  • Prohibition of illegal Counterfeits and competitors.
  • Encouraging and rewarding creativity.
  • Encouraging fair competition by protection of producer’s trade mark.
  • Combating trade fraud.
  • Supporting the nation in prosperity by adoption of innovation instead of forging and duplication.

Our Vision:

To make Sharjah a distinctive destination for combating counterfeits and duplicates.

Our Message:

To protect Intellectual Property Rights by spreading awareness among all segments of the community.