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Sharjah Customs Foils an Attempt to Smuggle 10 kg Narcotic Substances

7th December 2023

Sharjah Customs inspectors at Port Khalid Customs Centre, foiled an attempt to smuggl 10 Kgs of Narcotics. The Inspectors during a routine inspection on container have successfully identified a suspicious object resembling a bag by using advanced radiation detection technology.

Upon manual examination of the bag, the inspectors discovered 10 rolls each containing a dark, grass-coloured substance, totalling a weight of 10.046 kilograms.

The confiscated narcotic substances were promptly referred to the competent authorities for necessary legal action.

The Sharjah Ports, Customs and Free Zones Authority (SPCFZA) expressed its profound appreciation for the efficiency and capability of the inspection officers and staff at the centre, lauding their high sense of security.

It stressed that customs inspectors will spare no effort to bust smugglers and thwart any attempts to bring prohibited materials through the customs ports of the Emirate of Sharjah.

The authority reaffirmed its commitment to mobilising all its resources to curb any form of smuggling, particularly narcotics, and protect the security and safety of society, thereby supporting the national economy and fostering its competitive growth and prosperity.

Salem Abdullah Majid Al Zomor, Director of Port Khalid Customs Centre, stated: “The successful thwarting of the narcotics smuggling attempt deals a strong blow to smugglers and anyone thinking of compromising national security.

“This achievement reflects our commitment to safeguarding society and ensuring that prohibited substances do not reach its members.”

“We especially thank Port Khalid team for their exceptional efforts and capabilities, which were pivotal in this notable success. This achievement would not have been possible without the attention and support extended by SPCFZA to the customs sector, providing advanced devices for customs detection and keeping pace with the latest technologies in this field,” Alzumor added.

Port Khalid Customs Centre handles a diverse array of shipping patterns, including containers, general and refrigerated cargo, live animals, dry and bulk cargo, vehicles, heavy equipment, and sea travellers.